Thursday, August 18, 2016


During a recent trip to Martha's Vineyard I visited the Black Sheep in Edgartown.  As I approached the register, hands filled with sandwiches, drinks, and sweets I noticed a captivating image of a thrilling surf. 

At first glance I thought the image was a photograph, but as I moved closer I could see the artist's incredible talent.  Using hefty impasto, Annie Wildey created a foamy effect, while capturing changes in light within a cresting wave. I looked around the shop and discovered more of these surf paintings, each unique in their movement and lighting.  Some featured surf in foggy settings, while others focused specifically on the wild, but serene nature of a cresting wave.  

Sometimes you come along a piece of artwork that completely captures your attention.  I have always been drawn to the ocean and perhaps that is why I had such a strong reaction to Ms. Wildey's work. Here is a sampling from Ms. Wildey's website.  I suggest visiting for more information about the artist and her work. 

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